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Cut Above the Rest

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

The Crown of Light is a patented cut diamond that has revolutionized the diamond industry.

The first thing that draws attention to the Crown of Light diamond is its unique dome shaped top. To increase its performance, the Crown of Light blue print was designed to have a shape that would allow a superior light exchange on the top of the diamond. Unlike generic diamonds that are flat on top, the Crown of Light is shaped like a dome which allows ultimate light reflection.

The rare diamond’s round shape only tells half of the story. The Crown of Light captures more sparkle than any other diamond because it has three times the amount of Bezel facets than the traditional round brilliant diamond. The Bezel facets are important because they capture and maintain the sparkle on the top of the diamond.

Upon its introduction into the market, the Crown of Light immediately garnered attention. Partnerships with elite brands such as with Swiss luxury watch company Hublot marked the validation of the diamond as truly being one of a kind. Media attention followed and the Crown of Light diamond has been featured in leading fashion magazine like Vogue and Elle and is now being worn by fashion influencers globally.

Crown of Light is the future of diamond cutting exuding more sparkle than any other diamond cut in history.

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10 Year Anniversary in Namibia

Beyond Crown of Light’s impressive partnerships is their involvement and care for the Namibian community. During the Crown of Light’s tenth anniversary celebration, Diamonds International received special recognition from the President of Namibia, Dr. Hage Geingob, for the quality of its product and local contributions. Expansion of Namibian cutting facilities has directly contributed to economic growth in the country. Diamonds International’s presence has generated more than 200 jobs for local Namibians, and the company helps the community through its partnership with Baby Haven, an orphanage that supports children who lost their parents to HIV.

As one of the fastest growing diamond brands in world, Crown of Light puts equal emphasis on its community impact as it does its brand recognition. Ethically sourced and highly unique, this diamond cut was designed to surpass traditional diamond’s fire and light – and it does so exquisitely. 

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