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Keep Your Jewelry by Passing Down the Memories

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

We all have a sentimental attachment to our jewelry. Pick anything out from your jewel box and you can instantly tell someone when and where you got it. Maybe you purchased the item, or it was a gift. You wouldn’t have to be prompted in recalling a special occasion when you wore it---and the compliments you received.

All in the Family

We can all agree that our favorite jewelry items are much more valuable than the price we paid for them. They are memory makers and they accompany the special moments of our life. So, it stands to reason that we may have in the back of our mind—a certain person we want to pass our jewelry down to. If it brings us this much joy, won’t it do the same for the recipient? Heirloom pieces also creates new memories when the recipient wears the jewelry we gave them. It also strengthens the bond of love we have with those to whom we give our precious jewelry.

Buying for Keeps

Jewelry we acquire with the intent on passing down to younger generations should be of good quality—and that means the quality of manufacture, and by using high-quality diamonds and colored stones. When you want that extra layer of assurance, let Diamonds International recommend jewelry that you can treasure for your entire life and then become a treasured heirloom for your loved ones.

Paper Trails are Key

To keep the line of value intact, you’ll want to hold on to all the paperwork you have on each piece your jewelry. That means; the bill of sale, any grading reports or diamond certificates from an independent lab, and an appraisal document if you have that. These are important to you too. Because if you lose the piece, or it is stolen, or damaged, you’ll want this provenance to show your insurance company for a replacement. Your heirs will also benefit from this paper trail—so they know exactly what you have given them and will take similar steps to guard its safety. At Diamonds International, your diamonds come with a valuable independent diamond report clearly describing its quality. These and other documents you have with your jewelry from Diamonds International verifies the high quality of the items you buy—so you can be proud to pass down your jewelry years from now.

Repurpose & Refresh your Inherited Jewels

If the piece of heirloom jewelry is kept long enough, it may drop out of vogue. Take for instance, the use of gem encrusted hat pins---they are still beautiful but not so useful any more. If you or a loved one finds themselves in that situation, all is not lost. There is a way to breathe new life into an outdated jewelry item that was inherited. By re-purposing the diamond or gemstone into a new updated item, you not only breathe new life into a cherished piece—but you create new memories to honor your loved one knowing that you’ll enjoy wearing the new item all the more. Maybe someday, a gorgeous new piece you created will be passed down to the next generation—ready to boast its own a multi-layered history.

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