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Crown of Light Diamond

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Fastest growing diamond brand in the world

The premium 90 faceted Crown of Light diamond is a stunning triumph of cutting expertise fused with ingenious design. The diamond’s strategically positioned facets create an innovative cut, distinguished by its magnificent dome, which hones the diamond’s breathtaking superior sparkle and fire, and gives diamond connoisseurs an unprecedented cutting edge design.

Artfully hand polished by 200 of the world’s elite diamond cutters, each Crown of Light diamond is measured to perfection. Every diamond is handcrafted, with each of the diamond’s 90 geometrically perfected facets being carefully placed to maximize the diamond’s natural prisms.

A traditional 57-58 faceted round brilliant diamond on has one row of bezel facets. Bezel facets are those on the top of the diamond or crown that produce the natural sparkle we all love. The Crown of Light diamond not only has 90 strategically placed facets but three rows of bezel facets producing sparkle performance than any other diamond cut in the world.

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Day in the Light

Discover the amazing journey of the largest Crown of Light diamond ever cut

Discovered in February 2017, the Namibian Crown, the Largest Crown of Light diamond to be cut started its journey as a 34.22-carat rough diamond. Crafting the Namibian Crown was a journey of perfection and precision. As with other Crown of Light diamonds, The Namibian Crown followed the patented blueprint of the Crown of Light diamond and went through ten quality inspection points to ensure each and every facet is measured to perfection. The Namibian Crown is laser inscribed by AGS laboratories with a unique number to ensure its security.

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