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Africa- The Diamond Paradise

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

One of the most fascinating nations on the African continent is a relatively new one—Namibia, situated on the southwest coast of Africa. It lays hold to a tremendous claim---having some of the world’s richest diamond supplies. They are not just any diamonds. The diamond production in Namibia yields over 85% gemmy quality. While a large percentage of diamonds produced elsewhere are often of lower grade—only good for industrial use, Namibia’s output is nearly entirely top-grade gem-quality.

Diamonds International- Africa
Africa- The Diamond Paradise

A Showcase of Natural Beauty

Almod Diamonds Ltd., the parent company of Diamonds International produced a stunning video showcasing the rich resources and the natural beauty of Namibia. This nation has so much to offer—from breathtaking wildlife to hypnotic desert landscapes and coastal ocean seascapes.

But In this spellbinding video, we also learn that this happens to be where the gorgeous Crown of Light diamond is mined and cut into the world’s most sparkling diamond. The company is responsible for creating many jobs that keep the local economy humming. And not just any job—but highly skilled diamond cutting careers and other specially trained jobs that Namibian citizens can benefit from for the rest of their lives—and teach others as well.

Commitment to Namibia

When the entire world experienced an economic recession a decade ago, Almod Diamonds held strong their commitment to the Namibian people---not only keeping all their employees working---but adding to their numbers during this time.

The exquisite patented cut Crown of Light diamond, available exclusively at Diamonds International is still produced there today and in a real sense is the darling of Namibia. The people of this region together with entire Diamonds International team consider themselves to be family---caring for one another and working toward a magnificent goal—the luxurious Crown of Light.

The Crown of Light Family

Like any family—when people care for one another, they look for opportunities to support and lift each other up. The Crown of Light family has found such a place to support in Baby Haven—a local orphanage where children impacted with HIV / AIDS can thrive in a atmosphere of love. This grass roots effort is located in Windhoek, Namibia near the diamond cutting factories. The Crown of Light team made Baby Haven their own special interest—and a trip to Namibia is never complete without visiting the children. So, besides the financial support from Diamonds International—they believe the personal touch is always important. Playing with the children---watching them grow in a loving home-like atmosphere is a true highlight of every trip to Namibia.

The Diamonds International Difference

Diamonds International and the Crown of Light are more than the beautiful diamonds they create—they are an international family of committed professionals committed to making a difference in our world today—a very sparkling difference.

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